The District has developed a comprehensive safety and security plan, CUBES.

    CUBES stands for the following five points of the plan:

    The C is for Clear Communication 

    We are committed to keeping open lines of communication with students, parents, and staff.  We know good communication is two-way communication.  We commit to keeping you informed and listening to you.  If you have questions regarding any aspect of the safety and security plan please email cubes@fergflor.org.

    U is for Clear Understanding

    We will have additional SROs in our secondary schools and security officers in all of our elementary schools.  They will focus on building relationships and educating our students about safety, the students’ role as citizens, and how to communicate and collaborate to have safe schools.

    The B is for Clear Book bags. 

    The District has purchased and is providing clear book bags and small zippered pouches to conceal personal items or valuables for all 6-12 grade students.  Sixth through 12th grade students will only be permitted to use clear book bags starting with the first day of school on August 15.  Sixth through 12th grade students will not be permitted to carry purses/man purses or "fanny packs."

    E stands for Clear Expectations. 

    We have revised our Student Expectation Code to create a more restorative environment for our students while clearly communicating our expectations.  We expect all students to commit to the Triple A pledge to have great Attendance, Attitudes, and Academics, and we expect 100 percent of our students to be in attendance and Ready for Day One.

    S is for Clear Supports. 

    We will continue to use PSSTWorld.com as a tool for reporting safety and security concerns, and we will expand our use of Ci3T to provide comprehensive integrated Three-Tiered supports for students.  We are expanding Advisory, and each secondary student will have an advisor to serve as advocate and guide. Our students also have the support of counselors, social workers, teachers, administrators and others.


    We realize there are many questions as we work together for the safety of students and staff.  Below are answers to many frequently asked questions regarding the safety and security plan and specifically questions about book bags.  We will continue to add to this list of FAQs over time.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will all students be required to use clear book bags?

    All students in 6th through 12th grade will be required to use clear book bags.


    When will students receive book bags?

    Book bags will be distributed beginning August 12 at Meet the Teacher, Meet the Family, or Welcome Night.


    When will students be required to begin using clear book bags?

    Students will be required to begin using clear book bags on August 15, the first day of school, or the first day a student attends.


    Is Meet the Teacher Night the only time I or my child can get a clear book bag?

    Meet the Teacher Night is a great opportunity to pick up your book bag, but even more, it's a great opportunity to get to know the teachers and staff who will be working to help your child have a successful year.  Please contact your school's office to make other arrangements if you are unable to pick up your book bag at Meet the Teacher Night.


    I sometimes have items in my book bag that are personal that I don't want others to see.  What is the District doing to respect my dignity?

    The District is providing a small pouch that will hold personal items, such as hygiene items, phones, or other personal items.


    Are students required to use the school supplied book bag?

    Just as students use other school supplied materials, students are expected to use the school supplied book bag.


    May students mark up or personalize their book bags?

    Just as the Student Expectation Code addresses other district issued items, students are not to deface or damage the school supplied book bags.  Marking up or applying stickers obscures the contents of the bag and defeats the purpose of a clear book bag.  Students may personalize the name tag to help them distinguish and identify their bag.


    What happens if my book bag is lost or damaged?

    Replacement book bags will be available for $10.


    Why do we have clear book bags and are clear book bags the only safety precaution the District is taking?

    We have found weapons in book bags.  Clear book bags are a deterrent to students bringing weapons or other unsafe items to school and are just one aspect of a comprehensive safety and security plan.  A multi-faceted approach to safety has been shown to be effective.  The District is implementing several safety precautions as outlined in the CUBES explanation above.  Students, parents, and staff working together can increase safety and security.  As always, we encourage everyone, if you see something say something to a trusted adult or report your concern anonymously at our link to PSSTWorld.


    May I carry a purse/man-purse?

    Students are not to carry purses or man-purses.  Students are provided a pouch to carry in their book bags.  The pouch will hold items typically carried in a purse and provide privacy for personal items.




    I have a gym bag for sports or an instrument case.  What is the plan for those items?

    Each school will have a secure location to store sports bags and instrument cases.  Student will store those items before school and retrieve them for their intended activity.


    Will the District provide clear book bags next year?

    The District supplied clear book bags this year to help with first year implementation.  In addition, developing the plan took some time, and resulted in a short time for families to acquire clear book bags.  The District did not want to create a barrier to students using this safety precaution at the start of school nor ask parents to bear an additional expense.