• CUBES - Safety and Security Plan

    Clear bookbags are a requirement for all students in grades K-12 for the 2023-24 school year. As done in the past, when the District implemented clear bookbags for secondary students, the District will provide the initial clear bookbag for K-6th grade students only

    The District has developed a comprehensive safety and security plan, CUBES.

    CUBES stands for the following five points of the plan:

    The C is for Clear Communication 

    We are committed to keeping open lines of communication with students, parents, and staff.  We know good communication is two-way communication.  We commit to keeping you informed and listening to you.  If you have questions regarding any aspect of the safety and security plan, please email vhowze@fergflor.org.

    U is for Clear Understanding

    We will have additional SROs in our secondary schools.  They will focus on building relationships and educating our students about safety, the students’ role as citizens, and how to communicate and collaborate to have safe schools.

    The B is for Clear Bookbags. 

    The District requires clear book bags and small zippered pouches to conceal personal items or valuables for all K-12 students. K through 12th-grade students will only be permitted to use clear book bags starting with the first day of school on Monday, August 21.  Students will not be permitted to carry purses/cross-body bags or "fanny packs."

    E stands for Clear Expectations. 

    We have revised our Student Expectation Code to create a more restorative environment for our students while clearly communicating our expectations.  

    S is for Clear Supports. 

    We will continue to use Courage2Report and  PSSTWorld.com as tools for reporting safety and security concerns, and we will expand our use of Ci3T to provide comprehensive, integrated Three-Tiered supports for students.  We are expanding Advisory, and each secondary student will have an advisor to serve as an advocate and guide. Our students also have the support of counselors, social workers, teachers, administrators, and others.

    As part of the District’s comprehensive safety and security plan, all Pre-K through 12 grade students are required to have clear book bags. The safety and security plan called CUBES stands for clear Communication, clear understanding, clear Bookbags, clear expectations, and clear Supports.

    Bookbag requirement for grades K-12:

    • Clear Bookbags ( 16 in. tall x 12 in. wide x 6 in deep)
    • Small pouch/wristlet for personal items if needed (5.5 in. x 4 in. and does not have to be clear)

    Student purchased bookbags must meet the following specifications:

    ● The bookbag must be at least 16 inches tall X 12 inches wide X 6 inches deep

    ● The bookbag must be completely clear, with the exception of the straps, zippers, and small manufacturer label

    ● Transparent but tinted or opaque bookbags are not permitted

    ● Logos, stickers, or other attachments that obstruct the view into the bookbag are not permitted

    ● Mesh may only cover a side pouch but may not cover the whole bookbag

    ● No bookbag or bag may be worn under a coat or jacket

    Below are links to approved bookbags and some examples of bookbags that are acceptable and others that are not acceptable.

    Links to some samples of approved bookbags:

    Click here.

    clear bookbags