Contact Your School Social Worker

  • For more information or questions about how we can help, feel free to call, text or e-mail one of our social workers listed below.



    Kate Obermeier (314) 213-0714 or

    Kate works with all of the district's Pre-K - 2nd grade buildings.

    Debbie Bodden (314) 541-0810  or

    Debbie works with all of the district's 3rd - 5th grade buildings and 6th grade centers.

    Lynda Partee (314) 210-3792 or

    Lynda works with all of the district's middle and high schools.

    Mara McAllister (314) 824-2078 or

    Mara works with students enrolled in Early Childhood Special Education.



    Andrea Boaz (314) 524-0280 or

    Andrea works with students attending Johnson-Wabash Sixth Grade Center.

    Teresa Davis (314) 831-4551, x1082 or

    Teresa works with students attending Wedgwood Sixth Grade Center.

    Beverly Woody (314) 506-9700, x5765 or

    Beverly works with students attending Cross Keys Middle School.

    McKenna Riley (314) 824-2422, x1112

    McKenna works with students attending Innovation School and STEAM Academy Middle School.

    Nazell Alston 314-506-9842 or

    Nazell works with students attending STEAM Academy High School at MSB.

    Victoria Williams 314-506-9516 or

    Victoria works with students attending McCluer High School.

    Timothy Merritt (314) 778-1572 or

    Tim works with students attending at the Restoration Center.

    Bree Moore (314) 778-1581 or

    Bree works with students attending the Restoration Center.



    Janie Burse (314) 824-2036 or

    Janie works with families that are enrolled in the district under the McKinney-Vento Act.

    Yolanda Rodgers-Garvin (314) 824-2045 or

    Yolanda works with families that are enrolled in the district under Foster Care and the McKinney-Vento Act.