School Social Work At A Glance

  • What is the role of a School Social Worker?

    School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals who provide services related to support a student's social, emotional and overall adjustment to school and/or society. School Social Workers serve as the link between students, families, the community and individuals who assist students within the school building. They work to eliminate barriers students may have to learn and advocate to ensure students achieve their academic and personal best.  


    How can they help support my child?

    FFSD understands that there are many factors that can negatively impact the educational achievement of a student. Until the situation is stabilized, children's unmet physical, social and emotional needs will continue to interfere with their ability to learn and adjust in school. Below are a few examples of how FFSD school social workers support the academic success of students. 

    • Assist students dealing with stress, psychological issues, and social issues
    • Address barriers such as economic hardship, attendance and behavior concerns through counseling, crisis intervention, prevention programs and groups
    • Provide mental health supports and other support services
    • Provide case management services to students and families 
    • Assist students with needs such as coats, glasses, shoes, dental care and other items to support physical needs
    • Social workers provide short-term therapeutic services, such as individual and group therapy, regarding specific issues in collaboration with school counselors 


    What type of assistance is provided to help support my family?

    Parents and/or caregivers you are not alone.  School Social Workers can partner with your family to find an agreed-upon level of balance, thus supporting achieving a higher level of academic success for your student.  Below are a few examples of services provided through parental partnership opportunities with school social workers.

    • Social workers advocate for students by collaborating with various school staff with the goal of helping students achieve educational success and emotional well-being
    • Social workers  conduct meetings with parents and students to support and improve their child’s adjustment to school
    • Social workers address family stress concerns to enable students to function more effectively in their school community. 
    • Social workers assist parents in understanding, accessing, and utilizing school and community resources


    How do I contact my School Social Worker?

    FFSD School Social Work Team Contact Us Page  >>>

    School Social Workers can be reached by phone, text and/or email.  School Social Workers are designated to serve specific grade levels. This list will also provide school contacts for Foster Care students and McKinney-Vento (Students-In-Transition) services. 

    Social Work Assistance Request Form >>>

    This form is available for any FFSD family to complete in order to communicate an immediate and/or anticipated need.  Once completed, someone from the FFSD School Social Work Team will contact the family.  


    What other resources are available to support my family?

    Please use the links below to visit the School Social Work web pages on the FFSD website where you will find a variety of additional resources and information.  If you still cannot find what you need, do not hesitate to reach out to the social worker assigned to your child’s school.

    FFSD Social Work Website >>>

    This website is regularly updated with resources and information that can provide support for families. 

    FFSD Support Site >>>

    This website has additional online resources, which include academic, social-emotional, and fun activities for families and students.