• 2022-2023 After School Care Provider

    UPDATE:  YMCA will not be providing services on our campus during the 2022-2023SY.  See letter here.  

    While Ferguson-Florissant School District does not provide K-5 Before and After-school services, we have entered into a formal agreement with a third party vendor, Unleashing Potential, who is interested in utilizing our campuses to support families with their program in the 2022-2023SY.  See below for the direct contacts, flyers, and website of the organization. Unleashing Potential does not provide transportation. Therefore, parents are responsible for pick-up.  Vendors provide insurance, state licensure, safety inspections, and background checks for their employees.  

    COVID-19 health and safety guidance is followed by all providers. View their website for more details.  


     Unleashing Potential  Unleashing Potential

    Direct Contact: Gloria Hampton, Director of After School Programming | ghampton@upstl.com | 314-561-3334


    3-5 State License Approved



    Before and After 
    Berkeley     M-F 3:30 to 6:00pm Begins August 22, 2022
    Griffith        M-F 3:30 to 6:00pm Begins August 22, 2022
    COMBS**   M-F 3:30 to 6:00pm Begins August 29, 2022  
    ROBINWOOD**   M-F 3:30 to 6:00pm Begins August 29, 2022 



    FFSD Contact: Dr. Joycelyn Pugh-Walker | jpughwalker@fergflor.org   314-687-1950

    FFSD does not make recommendations for neighborhood Before and After school programs.  

    Updated: 10/19/2022