Safe School Video Status Says (In Progress) After Being Watched


Safe Schools Training Video Still in Progress Status Video Ends Issue Solution.  

NEW:  Safe Schools Video Demonstration (This video is currently only visible from district computers)

There are two types of videos in the Safe Schools System.

  • Training Courses - Training Courses have questions at the end of the viewings and grant you credit after the questions have been answered with 80 % of the questions answered correctly.
  • Policy Videos - Policy Videos have the following icon in the overview and do not have questions at the end.  These are the types that people normally have this issue with. 


How to remove the in progress status: olicy videos require that you return to the page you were on before you clicked the link to view the actual video to confirm that you did in fact watch the video. After clicking the link on the page below, another page or tab will open with the video.  After the video plays you must return to this page or tab in your browser and click then “next” button to continue. 

Confirm 1


Click the check box and then click the submit button to confirm that you did watch the video and the status of your training will be updated. 


Confirm 2