DEADLINES:Tuition Reimbursement

    Application form MUST be received by:

    Summer Semester - May 24                                          

    Fall Semester - September 21

    Spring Semester - January 11

    Report card and receipt of payment for college work MUST be received by:

    Summer Semester - August 24                                      

    Fall Semester - January 31

    Spring Semester - May 24

    Please allow two weeks after report card deadline for reimbursement to be approved and another one to two weeks for Accounts Payable to process

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    Steps to Apply for Course Approval and/or Tuition Reimbursement


    1. Complete the Tuition Reimbursement/College Course Application form in TalentED. 
    2. Await course approval.

    3. Attend your course.

    4. Complete the Tuition Reimbursement Report Card and Payment form and submit a report card and receipt of payment. 

    5. Payment for Reimbursement is processed after final deadlines. Receipt of payment could take 6-8 weeks after deadlines. 
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