• FFSD New Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program

  • The FFSD New Teacher Induction Program consists of eight meetings as well as monthly involvement with a district-assigned mentor.  These meetings provide the opportunity for first and second-year teachers to dive into the six domains of teaching as defined by the Missouri Teaching Development System: Community Builder, Classroom Manager, Instructional Designer, Facilitator of Thinking and Learning, Reflective Learner, and Professional.

    As part of your certification requirements to upgrade to a PCII (after year 4), you must have completed a Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP) provided by a university or teacher association.  Normally, completion of this requirement is at your own expense.  However, participation in the FFSD New Teacher Program program counts as completion of the BTAP requirement.  Lindenwood will issue you a BTAP certificate at the end of the school year, for your participation in the FFSD New Teacher Induction program.  

    Required:  In order to successfully complete the requirements of the FFSD New Teacher Induction Program and qualify for your BTAP you must:

    1. Attend the FFSD New Teacher Orientation in August.
    2. Attend the 4 New Teacher Induction Meetings throughout the year (see schedule below).
    3. Participate in 3 triad meetings with your mentor and mentor facilitator throughout the year.
    4. Complete quarterly checklists  in Performance Matters
    5. Document 20 coaching hours with your mentor.

    Optional:  FFSD partners with Lindenwood University to offer course credit for participation in both Year 1 and Year 2 of the FFSD New Teacher Induction program.  Teachers may receive 3 credits for Year 1 and 2 credits for Year 2.  To apply for course credit, please see the following documents: Year 1 and Year 2.