DESE and FFSD Eval
  • Missouri Educator Evaluation System 

    The Ferguson-Florissant School District Teacher Evaluation System is designed to ensure that research-based best practices are embedded throughout the system in order to meet the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s essential principles of effective evaluation. The Ferguson-Florissant system includes the following research-based principles:

    • Measuring performance based on research-based and proven practices
    • Using differentiated levels of performance
    • Highlighting the probationary period as a significant time of intensive support
    • Including measures of growth in student learning as evidence of performance
    • Providing regular, timely, and meaningful feedback on performance
    • Including standardized and ongoing training for evaluators
    • Using evaluation results to inform employment decisions and policy

    In order to implement these principles with fidelity and help teachers perform at the highest level, the District has adopted the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Missouri Educator Evaluation System (MEES) as its evaluation tool. Missouri’s Educator Evaluation System was created, field-tested and piloted, and refined by hundreds of educators across the state.  All information regarding evaluation can be found in the District Policy Handbook (Policy 1091) as well as the FFSD Evaluation Handbook.  All employees are required to view this video at the beginning of each school year (via SafeSchools) as part of their annual in-service work for the Performance-Based Evaluation system.  


    Performance Matters is the platform that houses our evaluation tool.  The links in the navigation menu on the left will provide more information regarding evaluation in FFSD.  FFSD CSIP can help to guide PDP and SLO input.

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  • Evaluation of Education Support Personnel

    Education Support Personnel (Classified staff) will be evaluated on a yearly basis, due May 1.  Details regarding evaluation for classified staff can be located in CBA, Article 13, Section 7:

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