• Background:

    During FFSD Strategic Planning, implementing a district-wide learning management system (LMS) was identified as a priority.  A FFSD LMS Review Committee reviewed LMS vendors and products, and made the recommendation to the Administration and Board of Education to implement Canvas as the FFSD LMS which was approved.

    What is a learning management system (LMS)?

    A LMS is an online software application used by schools, higher education, and businesses for the organization and delivery of learning activities.  It provides a school district with a streamlined, user-friendly online learning environment for students and teachers.   A LMS is a platform to create lessons, organize and deliver content and courses, and assess data performance.  Additionally, a LMS offers centralized curriculum and content management, standards-based tacking, collaboration and multimedia tools, and a central depository for shared digital resources.   

    Canvas Implementation:

    The planned implementation of Canvas will begin in August, 2020.  


    Canvas LMS for Parents Video


    How can parents access Canvas?  

     Parents can access their child's courses and coursework through the Canvas mobile app.  The Canvas Parent mobile app is available for iOS devices (Apple) and Android.  Parents can access all their children’s Canvas coursework via one convenient location.

    Directions: Parent Guide

    Parent will first need to get a pairing code for their child(ren) by having their child(ren) log in to Canvas to get a pairing code (directions on how to get a pairing code).  Once a parent has a pairing code, the parent will set up their parent account by registering on the  DISTRICT PAGE LOGIN and click on Parent of a Canvas User?  As a parent, you can add your other children with a pairing code to your account by following these directions.

    Pairing your students to a parent Canvas account is done only once. 

    Mobile App Info and Guides:

    The Canvas Parent app is available for both Android and iOS devices (iPads, iPhones).  The devices must have Android 5.0 or later, and iOS 10.0 or later. 

    Canvas Parent Android User Guides

    Canvas Parent iOS User Guides

    What can parents view in Canvas?

    Parents will have access in Canvas to their child’s upcoming assignments, course announcements, and assignment grades.  Parents will have the ability to set up various notifications and the frequency of those notifications as preferred.  Parents can set up the notifications to be sent to their registered email account, and also can set up to receive via text messages on their smart phone.  In addition, parents can message their child’s teachers through their Canvas Parent. 

    Additional Parent Canvas Information and Guides